Melody Sinzore Biography: Age, Place of birth, Husband, Children & Net Worth

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Melody Sinzore Biography

Melody Sinzore is a well-known Kenyan woman recognized for her role as a radio presenter. She gained popularity in Kenya through her engaging early-morning radio show tagged “Jambo Kenya”, which resonated with a wide audience. Her career kicked off in 2010 when she worked as an intern at KBC.

She is a committed Christian who attests to never having used any drugs throughout her life. Not one for partying, she can comfortably spend up to three days indoors without venturing outside. Melody keeps her family background private and doesn’t share much about her past, maintaining a low-key lifestyle.


There’s been a lot of speculation about Melody Sinzore’s marital status. She clarifies that she is currently not married or engaged to anyone.